A husband and father, born in North Yorkshire who now lives and works in London with a passionate, enthusiasm for all visual storytelling. I’m into all sorts of films, from black and white to ones with superheroes and Jedis in them. I like comics in all their variations, from animation to anime. I’m a gamer who has played longer than I would like to admit but will never stop anytime soon. I have an appreciation for photography but a soft spot for the analogue kind, I’m a person who loves to make things whatever it may be. 

As a hands-on Lead Designer / Art Director at DRUM, I am responsible for the look of projects from the visual style to the design and application. My main focus at the moment has been content for social media channels.
I work on a huge variety of projects applying experience from my art & design background with a key eye for the visual. I have had to take on many ideas and executions including art direction, storyboarding, branding, graphic design, illustration, digital, photography, film, motion graphics and stop-motion.
My work focuses on helping brands stay in contact and interact with the public, mostly over a variety of social channels and doing this in a positive, informative and entertaining way.
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