Client: Monopoly
When we became the retained agency for Monopoly, our job was to produce social content that was culturally relevant for the brand, using trends to join conversations across the platforms & sit outside of campaign work.
It was content that expressed the brand storytelling in a way that is native to the platform, that built reverence and started conversations. Cat vs Dog series: Cat vs. Dog was a content series of short stop-motion animations focussing on the Cat and Dog tokens but using all aspects of the board and the cultural relevance attached to it. The overarching concept was to have a Tom and Jerry-esque scenario with an old school children’s Television stop motion style Art Direction, like Clangers or Morph. 
I worked with a creative and storyboarded and then produced the first two animations collaboratively with the editor. It was a success and two other specials for Halloween and Christmas were produced in the format. These videos became some of the most successful pieces of content the brand have ever done on Facebook.
Role: Creative, Art Direction, Design, Animation, Photography

CAT vs DOG Episode 1 and pilot ( storyboarded, animated ) 

CAT vs DOG Episode 2 ( storyboarded, animated )

CAT vs DOG Episode 3 ( overseen production )

CAT vs DOG Episode 4 ( overseen production )

A fun series of post to promote Movember

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