Client: Barclays
Barclays Ping-it was launched in 2012 as a mobile money transfer system which was only available for Barclays customers. After a rebrand, making it more independent from the Barclays look and feel and more youth-focused, we developed a new art direction and guidelines, as they previously didn't have any guidelines for social.
We broke down the guidelines for the more traditional marketing and advertising and also the UX for the app itself to find elements we could expand and adapt for social. We designed flexible and simple guidelines with static and animated assets for all social channels and social specific photographic art direction and tone of voice. The guidelines being applied now are giving their social team the tools and direction to launch their new look and feel but also allows them to adapt to trends in the channels.
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

Animated complete Guidelines

Key brand animations on social post

Current instagram feed of ping-it

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