Client: Personal Project
A personal group project inspired by the Polish and Soviet film posters from the '40s-'80s. These were made completely independently of Hollywood influence with their own distinctive style.
The idea was to get a film chosen for you that you hadn’t seen the poster or advertising for and interpret it in the Soviet-style. I was given the name, director and the tagline but no visual reference. I decided the best way to make it look primitive was to paint using my fingers, giving it a cave painting quality. I used a coarse brush to do the title typography and an old quill pen for the finer typography.
I was pleased with the results and entered it into a competition for Picturehouse Cinemas and Little White Lies magazine. I came third in the competition and was displayed in the Brixton Ritzy Cinema. I was also contacted by the legendary director Werner Herzog’s UK film distributor who requested a copy for their office and I got a copy signed by the director in return.
Role: Designer, Illustrator

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