LGBTQI+ Muslim charity Hidayah tasked us to help make LGBTQI+ Muslims feel accepted and aware there is a community and support network out there for them.
To help make the invisible visible, the podcast series Istame'a | Listen was created as a safe space for sharing queer Muslim stories.
For the podcast branding, art direction, illustration style and colour palette were developed in collaboration with Hidayah to make sure the tone was right.

Because there was a risk for people to show their photos on social media there was a decision to use a stylised but simple portrait art style. This gave the opportunity to show a balance of both LGBTQI+ representation and also celebrated and highlighted the Islam religion. These gave flexibility and personality without getting into too much detail.
We launched the episodes in partnership with Global Media where the designs were featured on the episodes. A social campaign was produced for each episode that teased audio snippets and drove listeners to the full podcasts. 
The campaign won the Judges Choice Award at the Open Pride UK + Allies Communications Challenge.
Role: Art Direction, Illustration, Design, Animation

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