Client: OMEN by HP
After the success of the first series in 2018 of the OMEN by HP - Esports Report monthly show covering every aspect of Esports, the next step was how to follow it? 
Whilst keeping the things that worked like the monthly releases, formats, guests and live Twitch streaming, the brief was to make it bigger and better. This included broadcasting from a new, much larger venue: one of the UK’s premiere gaming venues Gfinity Studios, as well as acquiring new, popular hosting talents. Even though we could build on last years bones, the OMEN by HP look and feel had changed drastically in 2019 so the challenge was to keep the spirit of the first series while bring in the new brand visual style. This included logo, animated titles, set design, show graphics and digital advertising and trailers. The number of assets required tripled and were being updated. One of the highlights was seeing the massive stage of Gfinity with the updated graphics.
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design

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