Client: Straight 8's Personal Project
Who Lives there at night was a short film which I made with colleagues for Straight 8's 2016 competition on one cartridge of Kodak vision3 200t super 8 film with only in-camera edits and no post-production. It was shortlisted to be premiered on the big screen at Straight 8's Vue Piccadilly screening. The original idea was to pay homage to 70’s & 80’s low budget video nasties style horror films like the “The Beyond”, “Evil Dead” and “Suspiria“.
I developed a basic story around an evil cult who captured women and sacrificed them to an evil demonic creature. I made sure the storyboard developed the characters. I decided that making it in a trailer format for a film that didn’t exist would give greater opportunities for a variety of scenes and locations and would ease the challenges of editing, length of the film and syncing up audio playing into the direction and tone of the short and not hinder it. 
Lee Pitman / Director, Concept and Art Director / The Creature
Natasha Gottlieb / Senior producer / Investigator 
Andrew Wilson / lead camera operator / Investigator
George Panayiotou / The Voice
Dave Robinson / Sound, Recording and Music
Lee Tarrier / Intro Script / The Priest
Tom Angell / High Priest
David Williams / lighting / Faced Tattooed Acolyte
Madina Paulig / Sacrificed woman
Oliver Dewes / Young Acolyte
Maya Markelle / First Victim

Special thanks to
Jeremy Wilson for stills Photography

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